The N.O.C was inaugurated on 8th April 1937 at a meeting of representatives of Athletic, Swimming and Boxing Associations. As resolved on this day, the first meeting of the Ceylon Olympic and Empire Games Association was held on 30th April 1937 with the following persons attending;

  •  Sir John Tarbat, Mr. Mc D. Robinson
  • Col. P.J. Parsons, Dr. V.R. Schokman
  • Mr. A. Van Langenberg, Mr. A.B. Henricus,
  • Mr. S.P. Foenander, Mr. C.A.B. Starling,
  • Mr. D.G. Obeyesekere and Mr. W.H.D. P

At this meeting Dr. V.R. Schokman was elected as the President and Mr. W.H.D. Perera as the Secretary. With the dismantling of the British Empire, the name of the Association was changed to Ceylon Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association. Still later it was changed as the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka.

IOC Membership:

The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka was recognized by the I.O.C. in the same year it was inaugurated – 1937.
Accordingly to the date of recognition of N.O.C.s by the I.O.C., Sri Lanka N.O.C. stands at the 6th place and is therefore one of the oldest N.O.Cs in Asia.